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Our unique data allows us to boost any advertising campaign, respecting the KPIs historically watched. Contact us to understand how your branding campaign can generate revenue in physical stores.
Go and check the added revenue we generated for our clients.

Thanks to our solution, for 112000 $ of media spent, our clients have generated 528000 $ added revenues.*
*Since November 2021

Measurement. For real.

Our clients count on us to measure the ROI of their media spendings in the physical world. We are for instance able to isolate the impact of the media we need to measure, even though other were activated during the campaign.
Let us be your candle in the night !

Our Strenghts


Most precise in-store traffic data available

Studies have proven that our data is up to 20 times more reliable compared to GPS based location data.
Our clients are not surprised when they see their revenues boosted: this is the real deal.


The more, the merrier

Kairos Fire is connected to the biggest advertising platforms, so you can replicate our solutions in the vast majority of your advertising plan.


Privacy by design

From the very beginning, we designed Kairos Fire to be compatible with the utmost standards regarding privacy.
The hundreds of clients and the tens of thousands of stores we equipped can testify.


Matchable data

Big data is useless if you can connect it. We are already APIzed to the biggest advertising networks, so we can match an in-store visit data with an Ad exposure.
Forget probabilities and econometrics: enter the world of Kairos Fire.


Scalable deployment

Part of our strength comes from the device we deploy in-store. Compared to other in-store technologies, it is incredibly easy to deploy: 5 seconds and it is done. Our clients are the ones who explain it best.

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