Use cases

Boost the revenue generated in-store
by all your advertising campaigns

LECLERC monitors the in-store impact of text-message campaigns, using Kairos to reconcile SMS delivery with in-store visit.

LECLERC is a French multinational retail group, with 800 stores in France and more than 100 stores abroad.

LA REDOUTE compares the in-store performances of its advertising campaigns between its wholy-owned stores and dedicated corner shops in malls.

LA REDOUTE is a French multi-chanel retailer specialized in ready-made clothes and home decoration. La Redoute is the 2nd largest seller of women’s clothes in France.

Kairos provides ALTAREA with accurate information on the catchment area of each of its shopping centers, on a monthly basis.

ALTAREA is a French company specialized in development and investment in real estate, especially shopping centers.

ALLIANZ enhances its media planning on TV ads by using Kairos insights on past TV ads (best performing days / stations / dayparts).

ALLIANZ is a German multinational company, one of the largest insurers and financial services group in the world.

SPORT2000 provides local insights in dedicated dashboards to its store managers, for them to assess the in-store impact of their geotargeted advertising campaigns.

SPORT2000 is the second largest sporting goods retailer in Europe, with more than 3200 stores.

INTERMARCHE activates ROAS measurement on each of its campaigns (both online and offline).

INTERMARCHE is a French multinational retail group, with 112 000 employees and a presence in 4 countries in Europe.

AUCHAN maximises the omnichanel impact of its online and offline media spending, by focusing exposure on the target audiences boasting the best affinity with historical in-store trafic.

AUCHAN is a French multinational retail group, with 356 000 employees and a presence in over 20 countries around the world.

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