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A unique data in the market

Based on beacon technology and deployed in over 36 000 points of sale, Kairos collects in-store data 20 times more accurate than GPS-enabled solutions.

Opportunity for real-time optimizations of your campaigns

A joint analysis of the in-store data records and of the in-store visits during a campaign enables a comparative scoring of the target audiences’ store affinity. And thus provides the media trader with valuable insights to reallocate spendings on the audiences and areas best-fit for your campaign’s objectives.

Use Kairos’ data before and during your campaigns to make the most of your media spending!

Common KPIs to compare your media performances

Thanks to Kairos’ beacons, you can now benefit from a reliable measurement of the in-store impact of your advertising campaigns, both online and offline (TV, OOH, flyers, radio, …).

Kairos enables comparisons between media (with the same data and same methodology), as well as insights on how they best perform together.

Discover unique KPIs, easily actionnable to have a real impact on your Media Planning.

Thanks to our solution,
112000 $
of media spent,
Our clients have generated
528000 $
added revenues.*
*In average, since November 2021

Our clients

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An award-winning solution

Kairos was selected in the 2nd promotion

of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s startup incubator, to help enhance its initial offering by testing it on the 77 million annual visitors of URW’s shopping centers.

As part of a worldwide program that benefited 500+ companies,

Kairos was selected among the final 5 top-innovations.

Les Galeries Lafayette

chose Kairos (among 200 projects) in the 3rd promotion

of their startup incubator, Plug and Play, to develop their know-hows around in-store data analytics.

Galerie Lafayette is a historical parisian department store, with over 60 subsidiary stores accross the country.

One of 8 companies selected for season 3 of IBM’s Scale Zone,

Kairos industrialized its initial offering which led to a first significant level of funding.

Kairos was a member of the 2nd promotion

of the “Start Up Your Brand” program managed by Union des Marques, intented to help brands accelerate their innovative approach around Adtech.

Union des Marques is a French association aiming at representing and accompanying French brands in their transformation and innovation challenges.

Our Strengths


Most accurate in-store traffic data available

Studies have proven that our data is up to 20 times more reliable than GPS-based location data.
Our clients are not surprised when they see their revenues increase: this is the real deal!


The more, the merrier

Kairos Fire is connected to the biggest advertising platforms, so you can replicate our solutions in the vast majority of your advertising plans.


Privacy by design

Kairos Fire was natively designed to be compliant with the highest standards regarding data privacy.
Our hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of stores equipped can testify to it.


Connected data

Data is useless if you cannot exploit it. We are already APIzed with the biggest advertising networks, which enables us to match in-store visits with advertising exposure.
Forget probabilities and econometrics: enter the world of Kairos Fire.


Seamless and scalable deployment

Part of our strength comes from the devices we deploy in-store. Compared to other in-store technologies, ours is incredibly easy to deploy: 5 seconds and it is done.

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