Opportunity for real-time optimizations of your campaigns.

Maximization of the impact of your media spending

Boost the best target audiences during each of your campaigns

By analyzing the in-store data records, Kairos Fire provides insights on the best audiences to target depending on the objectives of your campaigns (retention, acquisition, DTS, DTW, Branding, …).
For the same media spending, Kairos enables you to maximize the exposition of the target audiences, while maintaining the performance of your online KPIs.

Target the most relevant geographical areas before each of your campaigns

By harnessing the data collected on the catchment areas of your points of sale, Kairos Fire enables you to chose the best areas to target depending on the objectives of your campaigns: the “warmest” zones for retention purposes, and the “coldest” ones for acquisition purposes.

Fine-tune your budget allocations during your campaigns

In order to lower your Cost per Exposed Visitor, Kairos Fire shares insights during each of your campaigns on the best performing audiences (in terms of in-store trafic) to allow the media trader to operate budget reallocattions.
As an outcome of these trade-offs: an increase in exposed visitors, and a decrease in CPV.

Nation-wide and/or local optimizations

Our technology offers a detailed knowledge of the catchment areas of all your points of sale. This enables advanced geographical optimizations of your local geomarketing campaigns.

Want to optimize your media spending?

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