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Boost the revenue generated in-store
by all your advertising campaigns


Operate real-time optimizations and evaluate their impact

Kairos is interfaced and operates in partnership with the largest digital advertising platforms in the market.
Whatever your media mix, you will be able to use Kairos insights to optimize your setups and operate budget reallocations during your campaigns to meet your target objectives.
The final reports will allow you to compare your digital chanels’ performances, thanks to similar data and methodologies.


A true revolution

Don’t limit yourselves to the digital world: with Kairos’ beacons, you can use the same data and methodologies to optimize and measure all of your offline medias!

Our customers are now capable of knowing the impact on in-store trafic of their TV ads, OOH billboards, flyer distribution and radio advertising… and compare their performances as well as assess how they perform best together.

How many exposed visitors came to your points of sale? How long is the latency period? How much ROAS did your campaigns generate? Harness previously unavailable KPIs to improve the performances of your future media plans.


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